Cooking with a story

Cooking with a story

The history of the Yahgans is not known to many people over here in Holland. I think it is important to pay attention to the history of the Yahgans, of peoples living far away, who are also part of our history.

Recently I created a new way to tell about Yahgan culture and history. In the Dutch language I made a notebook for reading and cooking. It can also be read by people from the Flemish language of Belgium.

In this way there is a story to discuss at the table between children, their parents and grandparents. Each story is found on the website; I chose a typical ingredient like mussels and seaweed and prepared a recipe you can easily cook here locally.

Also with Infinite Stories – the culinary notebook – you travel to the world of Gaméla and her brother Sisoi. They travel in canoes with their parents. They are water nomads. Every day they go in search of food. They roam the waters of Cape Horn, Fireland archipelago. This is at the southern tip of South America, near the South Pole.

On sale in several stores in Amsterdam. You can as well buy a notebook by sending an email. Request your copy for € 8.50, this is the non-profit price for the production costs incurred (shipping costs are added) by email:

Thanks in advance for your interest in cooking with a story!
Aly Hendriks

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