18. The revenge of the older Sun-man

(Another story based on the Yahgan mythology about heaven and earth)Beagle kanaal verhaal 18
Gaméla never gets tired of hearing some old stories. Others terrify her. She has only listened to the myth about the older Sun-man once. She will never forget it. Now it’s her brother Sisoi’s turn to learn about this story, passed on by their grandparents. Gaméla shivers again when they mention Lem’s bad tempered father.

Everyone is sitting in a circle observing Sisoi’s reaction. “Thousands of years ago,” grandfather and grandmother begin, “the older Sun-man lived as one of the first beings on earth. He was Lem’s father and his name was Táruwalem. At that time, there were few families in Yahgan-sha. Táruwalem was not unpleasant to everyone, but he was of a very hostile nature. Many people hated him. He, and his family too, were constantly harassed, bullied and spit at.”

Gaméla looks away, but Sisoi bends forward to the fire. He tries to look into his old grandmother’s eyes. It seems that her eyes are enlarging and shining by the flames as she continues, immersed in the story.

“One day, in an extremely angry mood, Táruwalem produced tremendous heat. He boiled the waters of the ocean and burned down the woods. Since then until today, the mountain peaks in Yahgan-sha are bare, there’s no vegetation on the slopes. That’s why people hated him so much. Not long after, they all decided to attack Táruwalem and kill him. That just didn’t work out easily. Táruwalem was strong and managed to escape. He transformed into a star and fled to the sky. There he stood, shining brightly. However, he had lost his power and today we can no longer see him.”

Gaméla is relieved now that they have finished telling the story. Sisoi sighs.

  • What will Sisoi ask his grandparents?
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